Let’s Heal!

Pain is inevitable, it can be in different forms or shapes but they say it right that time literally heals EVERYTHING. But you know what matters the most when tables are turned?


What if I get Jealous?

Let’s just admit it ‘WE ALL GET JEALOUS!’ Jealousy is a natural phenomenon that occurs regardless of our status or psyche. Someone’s better lifestyle, bigger car, better bank account, better social profile or better physical appearance (females mostly have this sort of complex), happy love life and oh yeah better Instagram gallery may trigger sort … Continue reading What if I get Jealous?

My Bucket List

The time is flying like a shot and we are just 1 month away to another BLESSED year. As it is almost the end of 2017 and every person is coming up with his to-do list. I don’t know where I will be in 2018 but there are some affirmations I’ve made and I am going to follow these as much as I can. (Chuckles)

A 50-50 share!

The concept of FEMINISM has been misconceived for so many years, making feminists a laughing stock globally. Throwing poor cooked-up jokes at them while keeping rage for all the females out there, is not going to get you some moral praise. Likewise, targeting males for all the shit happening and for all the female insecurities is not a sensible step.